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Url Reconstruction in Rails


In Rails, I needed to take the request url and redirect the user to a new host with additional query parameters while passing the original path and query parameters.

For example, if the original request looked like:


I needed to redirect them to:


While this could be done with fancy string manipulation, I figured there had to be a cleaner and less error prone way.


There is a great utility in Ruby Core to handle URL manipulation. Unfortunately, it isn’t well documented.

There is a kernal level method named URI which parses the full url and breaks it down into parts

# request.url =
uri = URI(request.url)
puts #
puts uri.scheme # http
puts uri.query # sort=desc

To swap the host and scheme was easy enough = ""
uri.scheme = "https"

To modify the query parameters, we had to consider the possiblity of no parameters. In that case, the uri.query would be nil. The query parameters are only broken down into a string, so we have to split, add and join them back together.

query = uri.query ? uri.query.split('&') : []
query << "view=ipad"
uri.query = query.join('&')

Then we just have to reconstruct the url and redirect the user

redirect_to uri.to_s #


There is always a cleaner way.